Maverick's Wicked World

Dream Journal

This public, webbed dream journal is merely a way for me to share the shit that makes me unable to sleep at night, so you can maybe have insomnia too! jk it isn't that deep, my dark-most dreams wont be posted here for obvious reasons, also ones that contain too much information about myself, though some of my issue get an exception like those of gender, like you'll probably see in the first dream entry.

To clarify: I don't get up at 6am and write code about what I just saw while my Brain was half dead, I write that on my shitty phone and then port/curate it to put it in webbed form, just to make it easier on myself and obscure possible personal information further...

  • 1st entry, 2nd of November - 2023: Today I dreamt that I was quite literally outside of my body, almost as an spectator. I still could feel things but I couldn't hear anything unless it was whispered to my weird 2nd person self. Everyone spoke in English (believe it or not, it isn't normal, my dream people speak catalan most of the time) and from what I could tell the city seemed to be an older version of itself, almost as if I'd gone back in time; even weirder everything I could see had this mid 2000's cheap camera feel to it, my vision wasn't perfect by a long shot. Crown jewel of weirdness; I found out after coming back from school that I was wearing a dress along with other usually girly clothing items. This most likely is playing into an internal conflict I've been having (go figure). I must also mention that my hair was pretty wonky as well, the head was normal if not fully blonde and long which it isn't irl, my normal hair's brown and short-ish, and I also had hair strips under my eyes which I have not even the slightest idea of how to interpret. I have no fucking idea how my "monkey brain" was capable to complicate its own civil war even further, nonetheless I feel like exploding right now.
    PS: I had an epiphany at around midday the same day I've had this dream and I've realized that the dress and other clothing I was wearing were that of my VRchat avatar's (which itself is a version of Cirno, from the touhou project). What. The. Fuck....? Also the city was Barcelona, I realised it was an older version of itself because there was a gigantic traffic structure that was removed VERY long ago that I've never seen in person, only photos and nostalgia-driven google maps misadventures. This probably doesn't add much to the entry but I had to get it out of my head quickly :3

    Extra info: this entry was ported from phone to pc while listening to "Waterloo OST (1970) - Waterloo Waltz" I recommend you listen to it as you read (this counts for all of my entries with music attached to them)

  • 2nd entry, 5th of November - 2023: Today I dreamt that upon waking up I was covered in grass-like red things that were coming out of my body. Despite the interesting concept it didn't get to develop as I pulled on one of them and my brain not knowing how to react ended the simulation...

  • 3rd entry, 9th of November - 2023: This dream has fucked me up for a while... Ok so I woke up in my dad's big shoebox car in my very small home town and saw a few of my friend-ish classmates walk by and so we hung out for a bit. Then for some reason a lightbulb lit up and I told my friend to fetch some halls candy and one of those elf bars things to try it in dreamland, problem is that we had to wait for the store because it moved around in an old 1980's Barcelona metropolitan bus. Once it got here though it was fine we bought the items and went on our way, then something happened that I can't remember and I ended up inside a train. Then the weirdness got turned up to 9000+ degrees as a kid wih eyes on the side of his head was staring me down with said eyes and I freaked the fuck out. Then I saw his entire family had either 6 eyes or an extra limb or 2, as well as a woman I saw that had 4 tits for some reason... wtf