| Hey you, yes you, the one reading! Please tell your friends of this site!! Thank u... | Today I didn't go for a walk as my legs were rather tired, which is weird as my legs were surgically removed in september 21st 2009 (this is an inside joke) | They've got more fecking sea monsters in the great loch at Ness than they got the likes of me... |Some time ago, when I went outside, I found a plastic, transparent and rather big box on the side of the road. It seemed interesting and so I opened it. Inside I found cd's upon cd's, most of them were boring like "english course 2004" but some interesting ones I took home, the most important of which were a demo for metal gear solid for the psx and an installation cd of windows 95 and its accompanying office suite, I will most likely upload both of the best ones if not all of them regardless of quality to the archive | One crossed wire, one pinch of potassium cloride, one errant TWITCH and KABLOOIT!! | Can you tell I main the demo in tf2 yet? | Drink it in pal! That's how failure tastes! |
Maverick's Wicked World

Welcome to my site!

Please read this little description

This site is an amalgomation of ideas, experiments and more that I've made either out of boredom, curiosity, both or neither.

The site's creation has been heavily inspired by dimden.dev, and by heavily inspired I mean the guy's the sole reason this exists... That and being extremely bored in class and just sketching up a logo for a (now not so much) imaginary website

I guess I haven't really explained what I mean by "ideas, experiments and more" so basically just opinons, horrible music, horrible 2D art, acceptable 3D art, bad web design, obessive desires to own all tehcnologies made during the 2000's, actual technology I have from the 2000's and good photos among bad photos!

Look around this site while keeping the above paragraph in mind lol


22nd of november 2023

  • Auf Wiedersehen, Mavericks world. This site is getting canned, for more info check the neocities profile but TL;DR: I've made a new website that isn't and wont be linked to this one

14th of november 2023

  • Alright leute. I've decided to take an indefinate hiatus from this site. I think of this site as a playground of sorts right now, it is were I've learnt my web development skills but I've kind of outgrown it and I want to build something better, more personal and not made up of 99% "other people's code" and 1% "my text and basic css". I don't know if this is final, I'll probably come back eventually but for now this is going to be the reality of it... Sorry if you like this site, if it comforts you it won't go down anytime soon so there's that.

10th of november 2023

  • I am deeply saddened to announce the untimely demise of my Discman. It met an honorable fate, falling out of a classroom window 7 stories tall (long story). Anyway sorry for not updating this much now, the "new creation" and "damn this is empty" frenzys are long gone and I just haven't gotten any ideas that I'm able to implement at my coding level... I'm planning on starting a whole new site, a more personal & irl kind of thing that could double as a portfolio for a career in a few years, idk, maybe...

2nd of november 2023

  • Whoops! Passed out for 3 days just playing Skyrim VR my bad... And by playing I mean modding, and by modding I mean troubleshooting, and by troubleshooting I mean following steps found on reddit and realizing they were posted 7 fucking years ago and no longer work... Fun game though, in spite of the skeletons that scared the shit out of me in the first 30 minutes of actual gameplay (tho I gotta say that area with the skeletons and the traps and the stone tablet was so goddamn beautiful with 2k textures and the water improvements)

31st of october 2023

  • Happy spooky day! (i castanyada si saps el que és i moles molt!). Couldn't finish a spooky layout in time sooooooooo..... Yeah, too bad! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Also I don't wanna say too much but I'm working on a new thing that will hopefully give people something to look at in this sehr klein website... Its about music, albums, its a rating list... d: I'm bad at keeping secrets

30th of october 2023

  • Sorry for the slow updates as of late! My motivation has ran out of steam and is currently recovering so hopefully I'll make some cool stuff in the coming days, before the week ends! (yes I made a whole new setion in the page just for this)

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