Maverick's Wicked World

About the Webmaster

Hello!, if you haven't noticed I call myself Maverick (it's not a top gun reference btw, its from that one tomska video "sniper pug") and this is my website, or world.

I'm a something year old dumbass with as many social skills as a box of rocks! I like music, videogames and dismantling electronics (preferrably old) and seeing how they work.

This site is yet another hobby of mine I've got like 80 at this fucking point... Let me count: Fixing iPods, piano, fl studio production, video editing, videogames as a whole, fishing, hiking, dicking around with a bicycle in the mountain, land rover car repairs and modifications, driving, strambotic alcoholic beverage creation, 2D drawing, 3D posing, 3D animation & Source Filmmaker, 3D modeling, Source engine modding, unreal engine 4 modding, game development with unity, game modding with unity (specifically for Blade and sorcery), VR gaming and a few more that I'm probably forgetting...

I like way too many things for my own good but its fine because I forget I have some of these hobbies for a month or two and fixate on only like 3!

To elaborate on the History thing, my favourite "era" of history was the late modern to early contemporary era (basically, 1800's). And yes I am a "Preu├čen-fanboy", it's the only nation I consistently play in vicky...

Check out my BitView! I'll upload something sometime... (pinky promise)