Maverick's Wicked World


These things are the only reason I am still living and breathing. Much like music, a good game can change a life or simply distract you from the bad in yours. They are in my opinion the best at this too, music you can get sick of rather fast if you listen to small groups of songs and movies and series have a very finite duration, games on the other hand are typically as long as they get and most also let you play after you've beaten them, making the gameplay infinite and on top of that online games also let you relate with people which I personally despise but I've heard other fellow humans do enjoy it.

Team Fortress 2

This one explains itself; its simply the best game ever created in my EVERYONE'S opinion (except overwatch players of course). Its characters, personality, gameplay, writing, story, setting EVERYTHING is a masterclass in this game.

As you may've noticed while reading the marquee at the page's home I like the demoman and his many playstyles, specially the "loose cannon and sword fuckery" combo.

Blade & Sorcery

Holy shit. Just holy shit. What a fucking game! This is one of those games that are so polished you could drift on em without wheels everything is perfect and it isn't even out yet! It is also one of those games that you might be better off keeping a secret from your relatives as it may paint the right wrong picture, that being that you're a rampant psycopath who only thinks of ways to maim people.

Victoria II

My god this one. Victoria II is a game about economy, politics and history (among other things of course) and it is so well crafted I swear to god. The game is challenging to learn because... well lets just say you dont want to open the trade tab, but yeah its a hard game to learn and it personally took me 2 months to learn enough of the game to unify Germany, so yeah, pretty hard (that or I'm fucking stupid!). Once you learn it is when the "most fun you'll ever have looking at a map" part begins, building armies, moving them strategically and invading a way stronger foe is one of the best feelings ever in gaming.


This game, much like blade and sorcery, may be best left a secret as it is quite violent in nature. Other than that its an ancient guitar-playing rpg with a side of sword fighting, 10/10 would play dragonforce atop a pile of dead corpses in an active battlefield any day of the century. P.S. FUCK the zweihander, cool sword but holy fuck is it annoying to fight against (im still lvl 30)