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Music, eh? It's what drives people to do stuff nowadays, think of a single activity that wouldn't be marginally improved by adding music to it. Who in hell would prefer to clean the bathroom in silence when they could listen to Two Trucks by Lemon Demon while doing so instead?

Even better; music comes in unlimited varities, punk, rock, electronic, factory bugcore breakshit, whatever it is you like!

Personally I enjoy the weird spectrum of blues to punk with rock in the middle. There are a lot of these "spectrums" I just came up with

Mine, the "blupunk" as I call it had its golden age in the 1980's and is today pretty dead but more recent ones like reggaereggaeton (people who listen to reggaeton and only reggaeton) are still more alive than ever (in this case, for reggaeregaeton, that is sad)

Tangents aside, lets actually get into what this page is about, me! (i'm not a narcissist I swear, I also swear I can type it's just I'm not used to typing here...)

My music, as I've said earlier, mainly consist of rock, hard rock and the occasional blues or punk. This music is usually in spanish because, I'm like... You know... From Spain, and so if you aren't spanish or just don't know the language you can just, yknow, go... because basically all of it is in spanish


This group is one of the last surviving, original bands from the chaos of the 80's and 90's in Spain, specially up north.

It is still making music although all of its cast, except the lead singer and songwriter, have left and been replaced a thousand times over. This hasn't hindered the quality nor personality of the group however as it stays true to its roots, specially with more political songs like "Si no luchas te matas" which directly criticise the current government in Spain. Despite this however you can definetly tell they've gone for a more a-political approach to most of their songs which I personally theorise is part of a change the lead songwriter, Jorge Ilegal, had in the late 2000's to early 2010's when he created the sister group "Jorge Ilegal y los magnificos" which was more focused on rock & blues than anything, after 2 discs this sister group simply stopped putting out music, a likely bi-product of it not being as popular as the main group (which in the grand scheme of things isn't really all that popular itself sadly) and so Jorge simply decided to carry over some motivs of the unpopular group to the main one.

Anyways, check out these albums, they're (in my opinion) the 2 best ones they've released thus far!

La Polla Records

Yet another 80's rock group except that this one was always political and stayed that way; That I can remember, there aren't any "casual" songs of theirs at all. Their music hits hard and the lyrics are awesome as well. Their first album, Salve, is my 2nd most favourite album ever and with good reason: For a debut they did an awesome job defining their style early on as the vibe stayed really similar all the way until the band's dissolution in 2003 and even after that in their brief re-resurgence in 2019-ish.

The band dissolved pretty abruptly back in 03' due to the death of the main drummer, Fernando "Fernandito" Murua, which left the band understandably devastated and they publicly announced its dissolution shortly after.

Anyways, check these out! Both of these albums are my personal favourites of the band (Salve isn't here because I count it in a different league...)